Stitching Machine


Single Thread Chain-Stitch Seated Type Shoe Border Sewing Machine

  • Can stitch up to 18 stands thread.
  • 3 years warranty on horn part.
  • Immerse oil type lubrication system.
  • 3 years warranty on tranmission gear under normail operation.
  • No thread ends at the beginning or the end of sitching.
  • Higher stitching speed.
  • Double shaft positioning thus improving durability of the main shaft.
  • Equipped with “Needle Feed” mode uniform stitch distance, Servo-motor, automatic fix needle and lifting charge feet.
  • Patened separable-type transmission pulley that will run 5 idle truns and cut off power when encountering any obstacles in operation.
  • Conventional bevel gear is easy to break ( currently adopted by other brands ), which is out of our range.