Company Strength

R&D and Innovation

In order to develop the right products that best meets consumers demand, SEMLIMA has deep rooted in Taiwan market and direct contact with clients to provide quickly respond to their needs. SEMLIMA has received the first ‘National Innovation & Research Award’ and ‘Golden Dragon Award of Sophisticated Machinery’ from Minister of Economic Affairs, besides, SEMLIMA also obtained more than 30 patents certificates from different counties such as Japan, Korea, USA, Taiwan, China and etc. SEMLIMA adopts advanced AUTO/CAD newly developed technology, using computer simulating engineering structure vibration and deformation, and then confirmed the final design by CAT test analysed.

Manufacture Quality

SEMLIMA has the industry’s most advanced development and testing equipment; raw materials are 100% adopted from imported steel, vacuum heat treatment and precision CNC machining grinding. Every process is strictly implemented the standard operating procedures to establish a complete production processes. The introduction of CNC computer equipment that combined production with computer technology has enhanced the working efficiency and product’s quality. The inter-exchange ability of components also improved the shoe-border stitcher in terms of technology, quality, maintenance and durability. All these has brought SEMLIMA become the leader in the industry and have competitive advantage in the international market.

Quality Control

SEMLIMA is always being aggressive in manufacture shoe-border stitcher with high-efficient and high-quality to satisfy customer's demands. SEMLIMA has the perfect production line with computerized equipment that allows full implementation of the autonomous inspection. Meanwhile, SEMLIMA has establish a powerful and complete QC line to ensure every output is truly 100% zero defective and to prove that Made in Taiwan represent high standard, high quality and high efficient.

In order to provide the complete and perfect features shoe-border stitcher to our customers, SEMLIMA has fully committed to business integrity and professionalism. We always do our best to provide quality machine and perfect service to every single customer and the outcomes also very fruitful.

Advanced design via CAD / CAE research and development technology and computer simulation to examine analogue variables.
Adopted Japanese Mitsui Seiki, the most precise and accurate CNC milling machine, with the tolerance of ± 0.003 to produce machine head.
Adopted Japanese high-precision computerized grinding machine for inner-hole grinding, outside dimension grinding, surface grinding, forming grinding and etc.
Adopted 30 sets of CNC machines to produce various machine parts to ensure the accuracy and quality.