Leader’s Oration

SEMLIMA is the only brand which manufactured outsole and shoe-border stitching machine in Taiwan. All the materials are imported from Europe, America and Japan while the heat treatment process also uses imported computerized automatic machine. The quality of products is absolutely high and stable.

Performance, Durability and Reliability:
Semlima Industrial Co., Ltd has been continuously supported by many customers since established in year 1980 and so far none of our customers has complained that SEMLIMA machine cannot be used. Our sales is the highest in the world and we own 80% of the Southeast Asian market

Before and After-Sales Service:
Semlima Industrial Co., Ltd service starts since our customers develop new shoes until the subsequent use of machines; we work seriously with our customers to ensure they have smooth development and production. Over the years, we never neglect our customers and our service attitude and reputation is legendary.

SEMLIMA insists in making the most excellent stitching machines, we welcome our customers to visit our company and witness our strength and quality by themselves.